Invisalign is one of the most advanced treatments for a crooked smile with many lifestyle benefits

Invisalign is a procedure which uses clear removable aligners in order to straighten your smile. They work gradually – as your dentist will prescribe a certain number of aligners which will be swapped as you progress with your treatment. The number of aligners will depend on your condition and how extreme your crookedness is. In some cases Invisalign may not be the perfect choice for you, however it is the perfect treatment for most cases and most people who do not want their orthodontic treatment to interfere with their lifestyles.

Why is Invisalign a good treatment?

Invisalign has many benefits, as does general orthodontics. Not only does Invisalign eventuate in a straight smile, it also does not disrupt your appearance while you’re receiving treatment. To discover more about the benefits of Invisalign and orthodontics please see below:


As you can see Invisalign:

  • Improves your oral hygiene by enabling easy cleaning
  • It minimally affects your appearance
  • You can remove it when you eat so you don’t have to sacrifice any of the foods you love
  • You can remove it for photos so that you don’t have to feel self-conscious for any reason

These benefits are why Invisalign has been used to treat millions of happy patients globally. Millennium Dental Mosman in Mosman is one of the many practices which offer this advanced and convenient orthodontic solution.

Why choose Millennium Dental Mosman for your Invisalign treatment?

If you’re looking for an Invisalign dentist in Sydney then Dr Mark Rosenberg can provide efficient treatment in a friendly and caring environment. He and his dedicated staff are here to help you and enjoy seeing new patients from all around Sydney.

Meet some of our Team below:

Our hygienists, clinical team, receptionists, practice co-ordinator and dentist Dr Amanda Laubscher are here to help improve your smile in a comfortable, efficient environment. We have the most advanced dentistry tools in our clinic designed to improve your oral health and appearance. From teeth whitening to dental implants our team and our dentists have your smile covered.

Dr Mark Rosenberg

Dr Mark Rosenberg is our primary dentist who has dental experience spanning across the globe including South Africa, London and of course Australia. He has run multiple surgeries and general anaesthetic clinics for a number of years, giving him a wealth of experience in treating a variety of surgical and non-surgical cases. He also gained experience in treating anxious patients during his time practicing at general anaesthetic clinics. If you are an anxious patient then Dr Rosenberg would love to hear from you so that you can get over any fears that you may have. He will move at any pace you like with your dentistry until you feel absolutely comfortable at our practice and feel confident when receiving treatment.

Invisalign is the perfect orthodontic treatment for anxious patients

If you feel nervous at the dentist even when you’re simply going for a check-up then Invisalign may be beneficial for you. Invisalign treatment is nowhere near as confronting as braces fittings and treatment as you don’t have to regularly tighten any brackets or wires. For Invisalign treatment all you will need to do is visit our Mosman dental practice for your initial consultation where a digital scan of your teeth will be created and sent off to the Invisalign headquarters where your aligners will be created. These will then be sent to your dentist at Millennium Dental Mosman.

You will then visit us so that we can double check that your aligners are suited to your smile. You can then take your first set home, only visiting us again when you are ready for your second set. This again will not require us to treat your smile any further except to make sure that you Invisalign aligner fits. This will simply involve you inserting the aligner like you would at home, we will then quickly assess the fit – no tools necessary! This will continue through treatment until your smile is eventually straight and ready to show off.

If you think you are ready to receive Invisalign treatment please visit Millennium Dental Mosman in Mosman or enquire online if you have any questions.

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