If you’re looking for a dental check-up in Mosman then why not visit a caring and thorough dentist – Dr Mark Rosenberg

Millennium Dental Mosman is a dental practice located on 24 Spit Road that can see to many different dental needs and problems. We have a team of friendly staff including hygienists, dental assistants and dentists who are here to help keep your smile healthy at the practice and ensure you can look after your smile at home. We aim to ensure that all preventive precautions are taken throughout all stages of your natural teeth development. This can include brushing, flossing, caring for implants, caring for baby teeth and all basic dental education which we can teach you at our Mosman dental practice.

Your general check-up is the start of improving and protecting your smile

When it comes to your general check-up it’s important to know that this is the starting point to optimum dental health. During these appointments your dentist will analyse the health of your mouth and let you know if any further treatments are necessary to restore your smile to a healthy state. In most cases some minimal if not serious restorative work may be necessary. This can include dental fillings, fissure sealants and other restorative dental procedures.

I don’t want anyone to know I’ve had dental work…

Nowadays many people find it beneficial to choose tooth coloured restorations over amalgam and gold restorations that were used in the past. Here at our Mosman dental practice we offer white or tooth coloured fillings and fissure sealants so that no one has to know that you’ve had restorative work done. Both white and tooth coloured restorations refer to the same material – composite material that is made to match the unique colour of your smile. This material is used for many restorations nowadays as they enable your smile to look natural without imperfections such as amalgam (silver coloured) restorations which can be extremely distracting.

General dentistry has three tiers of treatment

1. Prevention Dentistry

Prevention and education is extremely important because this is where the grounds for a healthy smile will be founded. Prevention includes making sure you brush and floss every day and that you take proper precautions to protect your enamel and the colour of your teeth. The final most important part of prevention is visiting your dentist every 6 months for an appointment. This will make sure that any problems are identified early which means they will be more easily treatable.

Preventing problems can save you money and time when it comes to general dental requirements as this will reduce your risk of cavity and disease which will often need thorough and expensive restorative procedures to solve.

2. Restorative Dentistry

If you do have a dental problem that needs attention then Millennium Dental Mosman can perform restorative treatment that will get your smile back on the road. This can include dental implants, crowns and bridges which can restore a missing tooth or a damaged tooth. Fillings are also necessary when decay has affected the tooth significantly.

3. Maintenance or Cosmetic

Once your smile is back on track then you may have to follow a slightly different set of rules to make sure your smile stays healthy. If your smile is prone to decay because of your diet or because of thinning enamel then you may have to be more stringent when brushing and flossing your teeth. At this stage when your smile is healthy you may also want to receive cosmetic dentistry to improve the appearance of your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry such as teeth whitening, veneers and even orthodontic procedures like Invisalign can improve the appearance of your smile. These can only be performed when your smile is healthy which is why dental check-ups are so important for the health AND the appearance of your smile.

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