Do you experience chronic pain in your jaw?

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (jaw joint pain or TMD) is caused by a problem within the intricate connection of the upper and lower jaw. The TMJ is where the upper and lower jaw connect in front of the ears. There is a disc within this joint made of cartilage which enables the jaw to move comfortably and smoothly, as it cushions the impact of the upper and lower jaw. If this crucial component moves position it can hinder the function of your jaw including the ability to speak, chew, breath and swallow.

This can be a painful and inconvenient disorder which needs to be addressed by our TMJ Specialist, Dr Rosenberg at Millennium Dental Mosman in Mosman, Sydney

What are symptoms of TMD or TMJ Pain

TMJ disorders present in many forms. Symptoms can vary from pain on opening, closing, on waking, on eating, yawning and headaches, just to name a few. These symptoms can cause great distress to the sufferer and over time can result in fatigue and frustration, becoming a significant problem.

What causes TMD or TMJ pain?

TMJ Pain/TMD may be caused by the joint itself, from an imbalance of the bite, from orthodontic problems, from night grinding or clenching and muscular imbalances such as overuse. TMJ Pain caused by an orthodontic issue may require neuromuscular dentistry as well as orthodontic attention to train the jaws to sit in the correct position and correct malocclusion such as a crossbite, overbite or underbite which can all alter the pressure on the jaw.

Millennium Dental Mosman will require a history of pain

An in-depth history of symptoms is important so that we can work out the diagnosis. The diagnosis may be simple (night grinding) or complex depending on your habits and other accompanying symptoms. TMD can also be multi-causative as many physiological conditions can contribute to the function of your jaw. The more in-depth understanding our dentists have, the better we can treat patients TMJ pain.

TMJ Treatment with our TMJ specialists

TMJ Treatment may range from a simple night guard, re-establishment of the correct bite with restorative procedures, to orthodontics and even arthroscopic surgery to remobilise the stiff joint. Our TMJ specialist will recommend the best route of treatment for your condition to ensure a rapid recovery if possible. Surgery will be our last resort as we will also try to restore the function of your jaw without invasive measures. If there is an underlying problem of malocclusion or a dental habit we will address that before ever performing oral surgery.

Diagnosis is the key to correct treatment and this should not be undertaken by surgeons without full orthodontic and restorative knowledge. Dr. Rosenberg at Millennium Dental Mosman is a highly-experienced TMJ specialist who can provides orthodontic and restorative treatment so that every factor contributing to your TMD or TMJ can be addressed.

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