Prevention is the best way to a beautiful smile

Children’s dentistry minimises the need for dental treatment in the future by establishing a lifetime habit of optimal oral hygiene care. Dr Rosenberg and his dental hygienists in Mosman, Sydney will provide a friendly consultation with you and your child and ensure that they’re engaged with the importance of personal dental care.

Caring for your child’s teeth

A child’s baby or primary teeth are of great importance. Baby teeth can help pave the way for secondary teeth, enhance speaking ability and chewing function. It is essential to begin caring for your child’s teeth from an early age. You can start caring for your child’s teeth as soon as they start to come through the gums. This will generally be around 6 to 9 months of age. Begin cleaning your child’s teeth with a soft, damp cloth to wipe gently over their teeth. You can start to introduce a children’s toothbrush as soon as you feel your child will accept it.

Your child’s first visit

From the age of 3 we encourage children to attend our practice for a brief visit to become familiar with the dental environment. Your child gets a ride in the dental chair; we count their teeth and have some fun with the dental camera. They will receive a reward for their co-operation and we will encourage them to brush and come see us again in six months. The happy, friendly staff at Millennium Dental Mosman in Mosman will make your child feel right at home. Our team always strives to make dental appointments fun!

Our aim for your child

Our aim is to achieve the following five outcomes for your child by the age of 16:

  • Your child has all their permanent teeth present
  • All the teeth are in the correct place
  • The supporting tissues are healthy
  • All the back teeth are fissure sealed
  • All the teeth are decay free and restored

We look forward to helping you give your child dental health, a gift they will enjoy for the rest of their life.

What does this mean for me as the parent?

For you as the parent, taking your child to the dentist will ensure that getting your children to brush their teeth at home is made easier. You can also benefit from your child having healthier teeth in the future which will be more cost-effective for you.

Prevention is always our main priority

Although we have a broad range of cosmetic dental procedures designed to enhance your smile, it is always ideal to prevent problems from occurring. You can do this by following a regular dental hygiene routine which includes:

  • Brushing your teeth twice a day
  • Flossing before bed
  • Visiting Millennium Dental Mosman every 6 months for a check-up
  • Complying to any dental advice or treatment (i.e. wearing a retainer)
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