A lot of people think that dental care is all about brushing, flossing and rinsing. But if you really want to keep dental and gum diseases at bay, then not only will you have to improve your technique of brushing your teeth but also have to say no to smoking and soda once and forever.

Here are some best pieces of dental advice that will help you have a healthy mouth:

Visit Dentist at least once a year: Many people do not visit dental clinics because they are simply scared of dentists. There are others who avoid such visits in order to save money or are simply careless about dental health. But visiting dentist once or twice a year will do a world of good to your teeth as different types of oral diseases such as tooth decay; gum disease and even cancer can be caught at early stage and taken care of.

Say No to Soda: You may be in love with hissing and bubbling soda but this never ending love affair of yours is detrimental for your teeth. Reasons are phosphoric acid and citric acid, the two ingredients which make soda so fizzy. If you cannot avoid it completely, then limit it’s consumption to no more than one can a day. Otherwise, you will be sending an open invitation to all sorts of dental problems.

Limit Your Sugar Consumption: Sugar, as you must know, is one of the biggest reasons behind tooth decay in children as well as adults. It leads to formation of bacteria and several gum diseases. What you also need to know is the fact that every time you consume sugar in any form, your teeth get hit by acid for around 20 minutes, which in turn causes tooth decays, cavities and other oral health problems in children and adults. The best way to save your teeth and gums from such damage is to reduce your sugar intake. In addition, you should also brush and floss your pearly whites after every sugary meal.

Bid adieu to smoking: Smoking is not harmful to the lungs but teeth and gums as well. This is because cigarettes contain nicotine and tar which not only cause yellowing of teeth but can also have an eroding effect on your gums as well. It also fosters the growth of bacteria and plaque, which again cause all sorts of dental problems. If that does not deter you from smoking, then the fact smoking can cause oral cancer probably will do.

Pay attention to your toothbrush: Most people purchase toothbrush randomly without focusing too much on its quality and softness. You must purchase toothbrushes which have soft bristles, so that it doesn’t cause any bruising of gums while brushing. Also, replace it once every 3 to 4 months.

If you haven’t had a dental checkup for a while, then you can call 02 9969 5572 or visit Millennium Dental Clinic in Mosman and save yourself from all sorts of dental problems.