Find out 5 benefits of straightening your teeth without braces. Invisible braces (Invisalign) are a great alternative solution which works for adults.

Braces are fine when you’re 14 and even when you’re 16, but as you get older your preferences change and what’s acceptable when you’re 25 is definitely not the same as when you’re young.

Find out why Invisalign may benefit you over braces during your adult life!

1. Invisalign is an alternative to metal braces

Invisalign is an alternative for people who do not want to have metal braces. It can also be an alternative to Incognito braces or ‘behind teeth braces’ which are another subtle option to straighten crooked teeth.

2. Invisalign may help protect your overall general health

Because Invisalign is not actually permanently fixed to your teeth you are able to get in there and give your teeth a proper brush, including the back of your teeth and the front. This means that brushing and flossing is a lot easier and there’s a lower risk of food becoming stuck in metal brackets.

If you don’t floss and brush your teeth properly then this can put you at risk of developing gingivitis (a gum infection) which can in turn lead to gum disease which is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. This is why Millennium Dental Mosman recommends Invisalign to adults – especially if they smoke.

3. Invisalign shouldn’t cause any cosmetic problems

Invisalign is removable and therefore shouldn’t cause any cosmetic problems like ‘tan lines’ on the teeth which can be caused by food coming in to contact with your teeth while you’re wearing braces. Over time this can discolour the exposed part of the tooth and leave a pale mark once the braces are removed.

You can take your Invisalign out to clean your teeth and remove plaque and food debris for cleaner teeth throughout the whole course of treatment.

4. Invisalign doesn’t interrupt your career

Invisalign minimally affects your speech compared to metal braces and lingual braces. You’ll be able to speak comfortably and confidently knowing that your Invisalign aligners will stay securely in place. You’ll also be able to remove your aligners if you have an important meeting and you don’t want anything distracting you from your big deal.

5. You can eat pizza (comfortably)!

One the most important things that people with braces miss is being able to eat whatever food you want. Most people without braces take eating for granted, but when you have braces this can be a battle all on its own.

Invisalign means you can remove your aligners discreetly to eat and then simply brush your teeth and slip it back in afterwards.

How much does Invisalign cost?

Invisalign is extremely beneficial and should not cost a significant amount more or less when compared to traditional orthodontics. Millennium Dental Mosman offers a standard FREE Invisalign consultation for patients that want to find out if it would suit them.

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